About my magic place, La Paloma.

I translated this song, “Un lugar de medio locos“(“A place of half crazy people) It´s about La Paloma(The Dove), where I´m living now. It´s a magic place in the world.

A place of half crazy people 

I live in a place of half crazy people, which sometimes looks like paradise, who came to live here was because he/she didn´t want to be a completely crazy person.

I live in a cosmopolitan place, with Argentinian people who went out of the big cities, Montevideans and foreign people who happily play the drums at the sunset.

I live in my sandy planet, because it is not so big and so unknown, here we are few people but good ones, I feel that living is worth it.

I live in a surrealist seaside resort, magic encounter of different people, nobody is going fast, nobody says it Is not true, during the summer the owners are the tourists.

I live in a place with lot of solo people, under the wing of my dove, I make songs when the sunrises, because I have found a galleon full of gold. I make songs when the sunrise,because I have found a galleon full of gold.

I live in my sandy place, to make my life grateful, I have my shoe with moustache* and I feel that living is worth it.

I live in this wind and this sand, under the blue wing of my dove, I´m happy with the sunrise, and I feel that living is worth it.

*(this is a saying in Uruguay, because  THE ALPARGATA is a Uruguayan espadrille with a natural fiber sole, when you walk a lot it makes like a moustache, so it means you live a lot!)

I hope you have enjoyed a little bit of my feelings that there are in this song too.

Thank you universe to brought me here 🙂

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